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The Freedmen's Bureau Online

Records of the Assistant Commissioner for the State of Georgia
Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands 1865 - 1869
National Archives Microfilm Publication M798 Roll 32
Reports Relating to Murders and Outrages 1865 - 1868
List of Freedmen Murdered or Assaulted 1867

Report of Persons Murdered in the District of Savannah, Ga. 1865 - 1866

Name of Person Murdered: Simpson Whitfield (colored); County: Cass; Names of Supposed Murderers: John Allen (white); Date of killing: August 1866; Remarks: murderer acquitted by civil court.

Name of Person Murdered: Peter (colored); County: Effingham; Name of supposed murderer: Mr. Fox (white); Date of killing:20 September 1866; Remarks: a verdict of justifiable homicide was rendered by jury on coroners inquest, the man was set at liberty.

Name of person murdered: Charles Smith (colored); County: Tattnall; Names of Supposed Murderers: Regulators; Date of killing: August 1866; Remarks: a guard was sent and arrested several parties who were turned over to the civil authorities to be tried for assault with intent to kill. Mr. E. Yuler, Agt. For B of R. F. And A. L. For Liberty County has all the necessary papers in the case.

Name of Person Murdered: John Allford (white); County: Chatham; Name of Supposed Murderers: Smart Cummings (colored); Date of Killing: September 1865; Remarks: is now in jail and has confessed the deed.

Report of Freedpeople Murdered and Assaulted with intent to kill in the Sub District of Thomasville

Brooks Co., Oct. 7, John Tellmar was shot and killed by Alfred Kelton (white). No action by authorities.

Thomas Co., Nov. 8, 1868, McCullough assaulted and severely beaten by John Lyn (white). No action taken by Civil Authorities.

Thomas Co., Nov. 12, 1868, Isaac Beard kidnapped by Ed Stearns and others (white). No action.

Thomas Co., Jany. 20, 1868, Primus Hatch was kidnapped and murdered by Jarrett Hanley and others (white). No action.

Thomas Co., June, John Platt and his wife were kidnapped and murdered by Ed Stearns (white). No action.

Report of Freedmen who have been murdered and assaulted with intent to kill in the Sub District of Macon, Ga. During the year 1868 up to 31 Oct. 1868

Victim: Ned Hardeman. Attacker: W. Ross (white). Date: 4 March. County: Bibb. Injuries: received gun shot in face. Cause: altercation. Remarks: warrant issued, case settled.

Victim: Abram Blount. Attacker: Thos. James (white). Date: 27 April. County: Jones. Injury: Badly cut and stabbed. Cause: altercation about work. Remarks: settled by parties.

Victim: Edmund Patterson. Attacker: Henry Patterson (white). Date: 20 July. County: Jones. Injury: shot in leg with pistol ball. Cause: altercation about work. Remarks: Patterson bound over.

Victim: Andrew Cook. Attacker: Mike Bird, et. al. (white). Date: 2 Oct. County: Jones. Injuries: swing by neck three times. Cause: suspicion of arson. Remarks: no action by civil authorities. Brought before Grand Jury. Anderson (Andrew?) failing to appear through fear.

Victim: Moses Siah. Attacker: William Oxford (white). Date: 30 Jul. County: Washington. Injuries: killed, struck on head with revolver. Cause: unprovoked. Remarks: warrant issued. Party escaped.

Victim: James Douglass. Attacker: Wm. Downs (white). Date: May. County: Washington. Remarks: warrant issued. Party escaped.

Victim: freedboy. Attacker: Bush (white). Date: 20 May. County: Washington. Cause: instigation of Frank Brantley. Remarks: warrant issued. Party escaped.

Victim: David Bryant. Attacker: Wm. Lucas (col'd). Date: 28 May. County: Monroe. Injury: shot dead in house. Cause: jealousy. Remarks: warrant issued; Lucas awaiting trial.

Victim: Sallie Butler. Attacker: Alfred Butler (col'd). Date: 19 August. County: Spalding. Injuries: killed. Cause: not known. Remarks: warrant issued; sentenced to be hung Dec. 11, 1868.

Victim: Warwick Birdsong: Attacker: Wm. H. Reever (white). Date: April. County: Pike. Injuries: badly beaten. Remarks: no bill found. Report forwarded May 22, 1868.

Victim: Benjamin Thomas. Attacker: unknown (white). Date: 24 April. County: Spalding. Injury: badly cut. Remarks: nothing done by civil authorities. Assaulted by a party of whites.

Victim: Wyatt Williams & wife. Attackers: Green ?Risbn and A. Pritchard (white). Date: 6 July. County: Spalding. Injuries: tied up and whipped. Remarks: nothing done. Report of investigation for Jul. 18.

Victim: Elbert Proiton. Attacker: Capt. Johns (white). Date: 15 Feb. County: Pulaski. Injury: wounded in arm. Cause: dispute about wages. Remarks: warrant issued, settled.

Victim: Alex Jennings. Attacker: Jno. A. Sonders (white). Date: 1 June. County: Pulaski. Injury: killed. Cause: (blank). Remarks: warrant issued, no arrest.

Victim: Joshua. Attacker: unknown. Date: June. County: Wilcox. Injury: burned in jail in Abbeville. Cause: killed a man in self defense.

Victim: Joseph Troup. Attacker: unknown (white). Date: August. County: Montgomery. Injury: killed in his own house at night. Cause: were radical leaders. Remarks: killed by a party of disguised whites.

Victim: Frank John. Attacker: John Finley (white). Date: 22 July. County: Houston. Injury: (blank). Cause: (blank). Remarks: (blank).

Victim: Henry Boon. Attacker: unknown. Date: July. County: Houston. Remarks: attempt to murder by persons unknown.

Victim: Jeff Hughes. Attacker: Larogia Lamar (white). Date: 18 Feb. County: Houston. Injury: shot dead with pistol. Cause: dispute about wages. Remarks: warrant issued, party escaped.

Victim: Freedmen. Attacker: Henry Moyatt (white). Date: 7 April. County: Houston. Injuries: shot dead with pistols. Remarks: Moyatt was a private Co. B, 17 U. S. Infantry. Report 11 April 1868.

Victim: Carolina. Attacker: Nelson Oliver (col'd). Date: 15 August. County: Twiggs. Injuries: shot dead. Cause: political dispute. Remarks: warrant issued. Oliver escaped.

Victim: Thos. Brocket. Attacker: Sheriff's party. Date: 24 August. County: Twiggs. Injuries: shot and killed. Cause: said to be resisting authorities. Remarks: Verdict - justifiable homicide. Brocket had no arms of any kind.

Victim: Benj. Hill. Attackers: Sheriff's party. Date:: 29 August. County: Twiggs. Injuries: shot and killed. Cause: said to be resisting authorities. Remarks: justifiable homicide.

Victim: John Fleetwood. Attacker: Chas. E. Fraser (white). Date: 26 August. County: Wilkinson. Injuries: shot and killed. Cause: President Loyal League. Remarks: no bill found by G. Jury.

Victim: George Solomon. Attacker: John B. Glover (white). Date: 21 Oct. County: Twiggs. Injuries: shot and killed. Cause: dispute. Remarks: warrant issued. Escaped. Glover was allowed to be at liberty some two weeks after the shooting and escaped.

Victim: freedman wife of John Brown. Attacker: Homer Barnes (white). Date: January. County: Jasper. Injuries: shot and killed. Cause: (blank). Remarks: bound over to appear.

Victim: Emanuel Tripp. Attacker: unknown. Date: 16 October. County: Jasper. Injuries: shot and killed. Remarks: shot by a party of disguised men at night, called up from bed.

Victim: Gabriel Singleterry. Attacker: J. W. Weeks (white). Date: Feb. County: Telfair. Injury: shot and killed. Cause: revenge of injuries. Remarks: warrant issued; Weeks not arrested.