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The Freedmen's Bureau Online

Records of the Assistant Commissioner for the State of Tennessee
Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands, 1865-1869.
National Archives Microfilm Publication M999 Roll 34
"Affidavits Relating to Outrages Mar. 1866-August 1868"

The Statement Jas. Thos. Fisher

I keep a grocery store in Pulaski. On the 7 day of Jany. 1868 Mr. Lem Ore (white) came opposite my store and said he killed one God damn radical nigger anyway. He boasted throwing the man that he had killed, the col. man.

J. T. Fisher


My name is John Carter, I keep a grocery store. On the morning of the 7 of Jany. I had some col. men in the store, amongst them was Calvin Carter, Whitback Fields and Wash Rhodes and some other white men there on business. I saw Wm. Malone come into my door and said that there would be no fuss and at the same time he pushed all the col. men into a corner and whilst they the col. men were all huddled together the whites fired into them, at that fire Orange Rhodes was killed. I don't know who killed him, but I think it was McLemore from Springhill----he made his boasts afterwards that he killed one radical nigger anyhow.

John (X) Carter

George (X) Carter

(Unsigned, appears to be the second page of an affidavit relating to this outrage)

And about 9 O'clock in the morning he - L - looking for Lewis Carter having a stick in his hand----and failed to find him----almost 10 O'clock in the day Lambert with John Kennedy and two other friends went and stood in front of John Carter's (col.) grocery with Pistols in their hands. The town constable H. Ames dispersed them about ½ an hour after. Lambert again went over to the grocery with a stick in one hand and a pistol in the other and stood in front looking for Cal Carter----Whitback Fields stood in Washington Rhodes (col.) house and told Cal Carter (col.) that Lambert (white) was coming. Lambert then shot at Whitback Fields twice and then in return Fields snapped a cap in return. His pistol would not go off---immediately upon that the young white men of the town ran out of there. Several hours (end of page-remainder of affidavit not microfilmed).