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Freedmen's Bureau Report of Murders and Outrages in Marshall, Texas 1867

Records of the Assistant Commissioner for the State of Texas
Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands, 1865 - 1869
National Archives Microfilm Publication M821 Roll 32
"Registered Reports of Murders and Outrages Sept. 1866 - July 1867"

Freedmen's Bureau Report of Murders and Outrages in Marshall, Texas 1867

Office Sub Asst Commr
Bu of R. F. and A. L.
Marshall, Texas
March 22nd 1867

Lieut. J. S. Kirkman U. S. A.
A. A. A. Genl Bu of R. F. and A. L.
State of Texas


I have the honor to report in obedience to letter dated March 7th 1867 just received with names, dates and particulars as far as possible of outrages &c since Jan 1st 1867.

1st Jan 7th Scarborough shot twice at a freedman named Toby Hawkins in Harrison Co. at the residence of Judge Patillo 12 miles from Marshall. I sent a Deputy Sheriff named John Sloan for him but he did not arrest him only told him to come when he got ready and both deputy and prisoner have escaped.

2nd Jan 10th James Oliver, Rusk Co., shot freedman named Sims Knowles through the head because he would not contract with him. I sent the U. S. Deputy Marshall after him forty miles but he escaped to the woods and cannot be captured, no action on the part of civil authorities.

3rd Jan 12th Freedman name unknown robbed and shot near the Depot in Marshall by person in disguise. I could get no clue to the party. If the civil authorities took any actoin I have never heard of it.

4th Jan 13th Bill Hall a freedman was robbed and shot within a mile of Marshall. Was cutting wood near the road. Strangers shot six times only one ball taking effect and that struck him in the elbow ruining his arm forever.

5th Jan 13th Bob Geer freedman was robbed but not shot as he had some money which satisfied the highway man. Bob was chopping near Bill Hall. Robbed by the same man same time and place.

6th Jan 20th Case reported by freedmen named Ned and James Waterhouse that three freedmen were hanging to a limb near Grand Bluff, Panola Co. and one apparently struck dead by a single blow. The case was reported six days after they were discovered and I did not deem it necessary to make any investigation as it would only be a waste of time.

7th Jan 30th I arrested Thomas Starkey today who shot a freedman named John Brewer during Christmas, tried him and fined him $200 and the cost of the Marshal who arrested him.

8th Feb 14th Try Slaughter near Jefferson, Marion Co., shot at two freedmen named Cornelius and Albert Roseborough. I searched several days for him he kept in the woods and several days after he reported in person and had in his posession a bond for $520 to appear at the next term of the court at Jefferson, Marion Co. which will be the end of the case in my opinion.

9th March 3rd Freedboy named John Grimes complained that two men, Wade Anderson and Phil Simpson killed his mother last July, that they were now with the gang at Elysian fields, Harrison Co., and that he wanted assistance to get his sister who was at that place but feared his life would be taken and did not go. I could not assist him.

10th March 7th A. S. Rutherford shot and killed instantly a freedman named Martin Little at Pink Tutle place 14 miles from Marshall because the freedman had reported that he could do more work in a day than Rutherford. I sent the Deputy Sheriff for him but he escaped.

11th Feb 27th Mr. George M. Reeves shot and killed Mr. William Yumlin at Jefferson, Marion Co. and Wounding Mr. M. Simmons. Civil action. Reeves under bond.

Very Respectfully
Your Obdt. Servt.
Charles T. Rand
Bvt. Capt. V. R. C. Sub Asst Commr