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Freedmen's Bureau - Registered Reports of Murders and Outrages

Records of the Assistant Commissioner for the State of Texas
Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands, 1865 - 1869
National Archives Microfilm Publication M821, Roll 32
"Registered Reports of Murders and Outrages, Sept. 1866 - July 1867"

Office Sub Assistant Commissioner
Bureau R. F. & A. L. State of Texas
Millican, Texas Sept. 7th, 1866

Lieutenant Maden
Acting Asst. Adj. Gen.
Galveston, Texas


In reply to your communication dated Sept. 11th, 1866 that just reached me on yesterday. I have the honor to state that I have only been stationed at this Post since August 4th, 1866. And in all cases of murder and outrages committed upon Freedmen &c there is no official record. Hence I cannot give you the date and in some instances do not know anything officially of the circumstances warranted therewith. There have been more murders committed within this District upon the persons of Freedmen than (illegible). But the following are all that I have any official evidence of and of which I can furnish any data.

December 8th, 1865 - John Echols, citizen of Burleson Co., shot and killed a freedman in his employ named "Kit." From the evidence on file it appears that the said Mr. Echols had the night previously beaten the wife of the freedman Kit and in the morning without any provocation I can see killed the boy Kit.

June 21st, 1866 - Marie Edwards, a freedwoman, was shot and killed by Court Brown, a citizen of Robertson County. Know nothing of the circumstances as at this time there has been no official investigation.

July 1866 - William Tate, a citizen of Robertson Co., shot and killed a freedman. Since then Tate has fled the County and as yet there has been no official investigation, but is said to have been a cold blooded murder.

July 1866 - Mr. Fields is a citizen of Grimes Co., shot and killed two freedmen, father and son, a cold blooded murder. An official investigation has not taken place.

September 9th, 1866 - Seaton, a freedman under contract with a Mr. Goggan of Burleson Co., while in custody of the Civil Authorities, was taken away from them by a party of armed men (citizens) during night and undoubtedly murdered, as I have been unable to learn any trace of him since.

September 15th, 1866 - At night on the Plantation of Dr. Hardy, Planter of Brazos Co., the Superintendent, Mr. Stout, struck a freedwoman on the head with a single tree, fracturing skull (and will beyond all question result in death). The occasion of it was the fact that the freedwoman above alluded to make some complaints about her rations being short. Since that Mr. Stout has left as I have used every effort to cause his arrest.

There are no known people living within my district, with the exception of a few discharged officers and soldiers, sojourning temporarily here and all of them, I think, will join me in stating (although no outrages have been committed against them as yet) that the feeling is becoming more cynical toward "Yankees" as they are termed daily. It will be dangerous to attempt to remain after troops are withdrawn from the community.

Sir you will please excuse my paper as I cannot get a whole sheet of paper from our A. Q. M. and am left to use what he sends me.

I am
Very Respectfully
Your Obdt. Servt.
Sam C. Sloan
Capt. And Sub Asst. Commr.