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Freedmen's Bureau Records - Report of Union men and Freedmen murdered in Grason and Fannin Counties, Texas on the close of the war.

Records of the Assistant Commissioner for the State of Texas
Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands, 1865 - 1869
National Archives Microfilm Publication M821, Roll 32
"Registered Reports of Murders and Outrages, Sept. 1866 - July 1867"

Office Sub. Asst. Comr.
Sherman, Texas
Oct. 6, 1866

Bevans, Albert
Captain and Sub. Asst. Comr.
Respectfully forwards a report of Union men and Freedmen murdered in Grason and Fannin Counties, Texas on the close of the war.

In Grason County six miles from this place three freedmen by names were Monroe White, Jim Duglass and Jack Thomas were called up one night at a late hour by a man who wanted assistance to put a tire on his waggon. Two days afterward their bodies were found some distance from their house shot and cut all to pieces.

January last a negro boy by name of Tom ?Dunkley was hauling wood to Sherman, was met by a Gurilla 1 mile from Town, taken from his team into the woods a few hundred yards and shot. The perpetrators of this cold blooded murder was a stranger but announced himself a bushwhacker on leaving town and went on the road the team came in on.

Jack Web a freedmen on the 2nd of August last was seen late in the evening eight miles from this place riding in company with a white man in the direction of Kentucky Town. Four days afterwards his body was found shot and mangled very much.

In October 1865 two miles from Sherman, Grason County a freedman named Thomas Daniels who was living with his former Master (Isom Daniels) was performing his usual work as Mr. Daniels had directed him. John Dumas came to Mr. Daniels at the instance of a young Daniels; interfered with the freedman in his work; required him (said freedman) to do the work as he wanted it done! Upon the freedmen's refusing to do so, shot him down. Dumas is still running at large; the authorities here have never taken any notice of the case.

Near the border of Grason County in June last at a woods or camp meeting a freedman by name of Jack Stone, who was much thought of by his employer, was carrying, or, nursing a child of his employer when he was accosted by a white man, who wanted to know "if he knew how to treat a white man?" Freedman replied he did. "Why don't you raise your hat? then." The freedman was in the act of raising his hat when he was shot by this Desperado just because he wanted to kill some body. Afterwards said he had a gang with him for the purpose of "killing niggers."

In Bonham in Fannin County about the 2nd Sept. last during a show that was coming off a couple of desperate men concluded to thin the niggers out a little and drive them back to their holes as they said. Fired into a crowd of freedmen going to the show. Killed three and wounded quite a number. An effort was made to arrest the party but failed. These men are still in the County fearless of any consequence.

On the 25th of Sept. near Bonham in Fannin County half a dozen white men went to the house of Bill William (freedman) in the night, demanded his money. Upon his failing to bring forth or comply with their demand commenced setting fire to the house. The freedman jumped out at the window. In making his escape got badly shot in the side. Has since died.

Very Respectfully
Your Obedient Servant
A. Bevans, Captain and Sub. Asst. Comr.